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Timetable for Active Week


Ciara from fit kids dance-9:30-10:00=Junior infants Yvonne +Fiona. 10:00-10:30=Senior infants Roisin + Joanne

10:45-11:15= 1st classes Derek +Shauna.11:15-11:45= Second classes Sharon+Amanda

Trip to Croke Park – 10:00=Team leave for Croke Park. 10:30=classes leave. Match  starts at 12:10


Boxercise. 10:00-10:45 =6th class jenny    . 10:45-11:25= Catriona’s 6th.                           11:30-12:00 Muireann’s 4th

Gymnastics 10:45-11:25- Amanda’s 2nd class. 11:25-12:05- Sharon’s 2nd class.  


12:45-1:25 –                Ruth +Triona’s 3rd class

1:30-2:10 – Grace’s 3rd class



10:00-10:40- Donal’s 5th class

10:45-11:25-Adrians 5th

11:00-11:45 – Therese’s 4th class


 10:45-11:15- Catriona’s 6th.

11:20-11:50- Jenny’s 6th



Fun day organised by student council

Activities- Bouncing castles, Obstacle course, Dodge ball tournament +Staff vs Student event



Times to be finalised for these events


More details to be followed




Sports Day

9:00-11:30- Junior classes

11:30-2:30 – Senior classes.


Class teachers will notify you with times of races for your child’s class


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