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Our Ethos

In LETNS, we are proud to live and learn within an ethos that is based on a triangle of care and responsibility.

Encouraging and supporting our schoolchildren’s safe, healthy and happy development is our shared priority. We hold all children, staff, parents and guardians as equally respected and valued members in our school community. All members share responsibility for the life, spirit and ongoing development of our school. This shared responsibility ranges from management of practical tasks, such as maintenance of school property, to hands-on work in the classroom to support and enhance the children’s learning.

By Ethos, we mean the “characteristic spirit or attitudes” of our community – in our attention to ethos, we are concerned to remain aware of how all members of our school community relate to each other and what values and attitudes are being daily experienced by our children.

There are four pillars to the ethos of our school, as in all Educate Together schools.

We are:

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