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Newsletter January 17th 2018

17th January 2018



Dear Parent/Guardians,


As you may already be aware, the Department of Education and Skills has set out new guidelines for the allocation of Resource / Learning Support (renamed Special Education Support) in schools.  In essence, within this revised model, pupils with the highest levels of need should have access to corresponding levels of support.  At the same time, it also offers schools the flexibility of accommodating the needs of children who may only require support from time to time.


Therefore, this year the Special Education Support Team will be using different types of teaching approaches alongside the class teachers.  This will involve in-class team teaching and co-operative teaching initiatives as well as withdrawal of small groups and individuals for more focused support.  The special education teachers continue to provide extra support and encouragement to children in the areas of Numeracy, Literacy, Language and Emotional and Social development.


In each class we will aim to ensure that each pupil’s needs are met and for all the children to be entitled to access support, as appropriate, in specific areas of the curriculum.  This may mean that additional support is offered to a child for a short period of time if he / she is experiencing particular difficulty in any of curriculum areas mentioned above or for longer periods if necessary.  Where this support takes place will depend on the specific needs identified (i.e. either in-class or in the support classroom setting).


This new model of support will continue to ensure a focus on high attainment aspirations and on improving outcomes for all pupils.  It will also promote pupil participation and active engagement in their learning and in the life of the school.


For more information about the revised model of support please see…

Circular 0013/2017 – Department of Education & Skills

(Available on school website in Parent’s corner)


Enrolment for places in our Outreach classes for 2018/2019 begin tomorrow Wednesday January 17th from 12.30 -2.00p.m.  To complete the enrolment process you will need to bring a recent psychological assessment, O.T./ SLT or any other relevant reports.

Enrolments for future Junior Infant classes continue each Wednesday at the same time.


Our first assemblies of the term will take place on Thursday January 25th led by Karen’s second class and Friday 26th led by Sharon’s second class. Our theme will be new beginnings and keeping a positive attitude ! !  Let’s hope many of you will be free to join us.


Kind regards,






















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