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Newsletter 9th November

21st November 2017


Dear Parents/ Guardians


We had a fantastic celebration of Science Week in the school last week. Classes were very busy with investigation and researching many aspects of Science in classes and the school environment. Our first classes enjoyed their trip to Imaginosity while Therese’s fourth class went to Lucan Library for a science workshop. Our ‘Design an invention’ competition caught the imagination of children and we had so many wonderful and inspiring inventions throughout the school  from Flying Vehicles, moving hospitals, underground highways and various devices to help with housework etc. etc. !! The future looks very promising with so many budding inventors. Well done to everyone on making our week so enjoyable and thank you to Staff and Parents for all your support and encouragement for our children’s efforts.



We are looking forward to welcoming you to the school tomorrow for your child’s Parent/Teacher meeting. A reminder that all classes will finish at the earlier time of 2.15p.m. to facilitate meetings getting underway at 2.30 p.m.

We ask that you arrive on time for your appointment and keep to your 10 minute slot to avoid unnecessary delay for Parents who have later appointments. Please ensure that if your child is coming to the school with you that they are supervised, while you are attending your meeting and in the interest of safety, that they are not allowed to wander around inside or outside the building. We hope that the meetings will be a positive experience for everyone and you will be encouraged by your child’s progress at school. Our learning/language support team are available should any Parent wish to meet a member of the support team.   Thank you to all our teachers for all their hard work and preparation for meetings.

 Report from Board of Management

Our Board of Management met on November 13th. There were many items on the agenda…..We have replaced the chairs and some tables in a number of classrooms and hope to continue with the remainder of classrooms in the second part of this school year. A large number of old chairs and some tables are now available for donation to anyone who is interested in taking them. We have limited storage space available and would be happy to hear from any group or individual who could make use of them. There are also two low double door art presses and a computer table which we no longer require. We attach photos of these items. If interested, please contact Veronica at the office.

School Calendar

We have received notification of a further school closure.

The school will close on Wednesday March 14th 2018  for whole school inservice on Primary language curriculum.


The Board has been reviewing our Parental Volunteer Policy and the Attendance Strategy Statement. Both policies are now finalised and available on our website.  These are two important policies for your involvement in the school. We ask that you take some time to read.


A reminder that we will have assemblies next week. Thursday’s assembly November 30th will be led by Caroline’s third class and Friday’s by Muireann’s third class. This Friday is Anti-Racism day.


Wishing you all a good week ahead….. Take good care particularly when dropping off and collecting children from school during these dark days.


Yours sincerely,

Mary Tuohy






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