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April Newsletter

                                                                                               April 10th 2018



Dear Parent/Guardians,


We would like to welcome you all back to school for our final term and hope you all had a lovely holiday.


Our value for the month of April is Respect. Classes were introduced to the value at our Monday morning meetings and will continue to explore and look at ways we can show respect throughout the month.


Enrolments for places in our senior infants to sixth classes for September 2018 begin tomorrow Wednesday 11th April.  To assist us with this process we ask you to let us know if your child will not be returning to our school for the coming school year, so that we can offer the place to a child on our waiting list.


Stay Safe Programme.


This term your child will be taught the lessons in the Stay Safe Programme, which all Primary Schools are required to implement. The aim of the Stay Safe programme is to teach children personal safety skills   so that they can look after themselves in situations which could be upsetting or dangerous. There are five modules covered in the lessons….. Feeling safe/unsafe, bullying, touches, secrets and telling and strangers. Lessons will be taught by class teachers and children will be encouraged to discuss the lessons at home with their Parents. It has been shown that programmes like Stay Safe are most effective when Parents/Guardians and Teachers work together to ensure that children learn the skills they need to keep safe.


The programme has been updated recently to make the stories/language/ dvd clips etc. more relevant to today’s society. Before the programme is taught in classes we would like to invite you to a meeting where the programme will be explained and where you will have an opportunity to ask questions. Meeting will be facilitated by Marian Mc Hugh  and will take place in the school on :


       Tuesday April 17th @ 8.00 p.m.

We strongly encourage that at least one Parent from each family attend this meeting. You can familiarise yourself with the content of the Stay Safe programme by clicking on http://cmsnew.pdst.ie/staysafe .


Absence Notes….. As you are aware an absence note is required following a child’s absence from school. To facilitate this, a new link has been added to our website under Parents tab. Please click on the link and follow the steps, making sure to pick up your child’s teachers name from the drop down menu. The note will go directly to your child’s teacher.


Our next cross country race will take place in  Griffeen Valley Park on Wednesday April 18th @ 11.00 a.m. More details will be available on our website before the day.


Our boys hurling team are in action this Thursday at Lucan Sarsfields. We wish them the best of luck.


Wishing you all a very happy and successful term ahead.


Kind regards,










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