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April Cross Country Races

Race Report by Aoife & Aisling from 6th Class

It was a lovely, sunny beautiful spring day.

The sun was out and so were the schools.

Everyone was warming up and the 3rd classes were getting ready for their race.

We had lots of good races from the 3rd classes, a few 1st and 2nd places.

Next was the 4th, great running as usual from our 4th class, we had lots of top 10s and some top 5s.

Now moving on to our 5th classes, tough races were expected but our 5th classes powered through!

Now our 6th classes, their competition was tough, but of course that didn’t affect them.

After all the races the classes were wrecked!! We had one minor injury due to rough ground but still an amazing run.  Everyone enjoyed the day as usual.

Many thanks to Shauna and Mary for bringing us all out.


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