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Afterschool Timetable

                  Schedule for Afterschool Activities….. January- March  2018

The activities will run from Monday 15 /1//18 – 16/03/18 (9 week block).  (Please note Mid Term Thursday 15th  February 2018.  Chess, Homework Club and Construction Club 8 week’s block).   Please turn over to see Timetable for Gymnastics.

Registration for each activity will take place on the day of the activity at 2.25.pm.  Activities are from 2.35.pm – 3.30.pm. If you have any queries with regard to any afterschool activity, please ask the teacher at registration. All activities are open to boys and girls.

Please note the cost of classes beside each activity.   Fees for Chess to be paid to Veronica on the day or weekly at office. Fees for all other activities can be paid at registration or weekly to teacher taking the activity. Children in classes from 1st to 2nd class will need to be collected from school as usual and brought to their afterschool activity. Children are collected from the front entrance of the school at 2.40.pm by the teacher taking the activity and can be collected from same area at the end of the activity.


Games Station with Derek

1st- 6th

9 weeks €45

28 per class


With Karen & Donal

2nd- 6th

9 weeks €45


With Yvonne N

3rd -6th

9 weeks €45

28 per class





With Karen O’Shea

1st – 6th classes

9 weeks

Karen is a Parent in our school.

15 children per class


With Maeve

1st – 6th

9 weeks €45

28 per class

Arts & Crafts

With Muireann & Jenny


1stnd to 6rd classes

9 weeks €45





With Rachel Kavanagh

1st – 3rd classes

20 children per class

Cost €30 for 6 weeks

Rachel is a Gymnastics teacher

Irish  Dancing

1.30.pm -2.30.pm

Junior & Senior Infants

Marie Caren

Enrolment forms for Irish Dancing can be found beside table at reception on wall. Any queries

Marie’s mobile

087 357 8447

Children attending Irish Dancing will be collected from classroom by Dance Teacher.  Children to be collected from dancing at Junior yard library entrance.


Gymnastics With Rachel

1.30-2.20pm for Junior/Senior Infants

2.35pm – 3.30pm

4th -6th classes 4 weeks

20 children per class

Cost €20



  with Gabriell

1st to 6th classes

20 per class


Construction Club



1st - 6th classes

8 Weeks


Homework & Games Club

With Muireann

1st -6th


28 per class


Please note Homework Club will finish at 3.45. children should

bring a small snack. Children will be

left to yard at 3.45. There is no supervision on yard 3.45.-4.pm for

children attending R.C. classes.  Parents should make arrangements for children to be supervised during this time.

Gymnastic Dates for Afterschool Activities



Wednesday 6 weeks

31st Jan

7th Feb

14th Feb

21st Feb

7th March

14th March


Thursday 4 weeks

18th Jan

25th Jan

1st Feb

8th Feb


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