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Active Week Homework

All children were assigned PE homework this week. The children were delighted to have time off from regular homework and many classes have decided to include PE as a regular homework feature. 

Here are some of the options the children could choose from:





Practice your ball skills (football, basketball, bouncing and catching)


Skip for 5 minutes (count how many times you can skip in a row)


Ride your scooter for 10 minutes


Draw your own hopscotch with chalk and play



Cycle your bike

for 10 minutes


Go for a walk


Dance to your favourite song


Throw a frisbee/ball with someone for 10 minutes



Kick a ball with someone for 10 minutes


Play tag/chasing for 10 minutes



Play balloon tennis/volleyball (use a fly swat as a racket and balloon as a ball)


Play a physical activity/game of your choie for 10 minutes

Throw a ball with someone for 10 minutes


Create your own obstacle course


Run for 5 minutes


Parent's choice of physical activity (maybe teach them a new skill)


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