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Active Committee Meeting - 16/03/18

On Friday 16th of March the elected members of our Active Committee gathered Donal's room for their monthly meeting. There was much on the agenda to be discussed so no time was wasted. The first order of business for the committee was to confirm an active slogan for the school. many great suggestions were made by the groups last week so Shauna put the three most popular ones to vote. Following the vote it was decided that "Don't sit if you want to be fit" would be the school's active slogan. The active committee will now be working towards getting the slogan up around the school on the various corridors.

The next order of business was the presentation of the playground leader bibs to the various members who were assigned roles in the previous meetings. You will see a picture of our leaders in their new bibs in the slideshow. Harry from 2nd class was assigned the role of "Skipping Rope Monitor", Nathan from 4th class was assigned the role of "Chalk Monitor" and the 6th class members were assigned the role of "Basketball Monitiors". Finally it was agreed that the 5th class students who help out on the junior yard would also wear the bibs. All of the leaders who received bibs were extremely proud to have been chosen.

The next item on the agenda was a school survey to see how active the students of the school are. The children split into groups of 4 and brainstormed potential ideas and questions for the survey. The children came up with some fantastic suggestions which will be made into a survey for the school to take. The children on the active committee will be helping out on the day of the survey. Following on from the results of the survey he children will come up with some ways we can make the school a more active place.

Finally the children were briefed by Shauna on the plan for the school marathon. They will then have to return to their own classes to fill them in on the event which is due to take place on the 25th of April. 

Feel free to familiarise yourself with our 'Playground Leaders' by looking through the slideshow.

6th Class: Aisling, Stephen, Ethan & Aleena

5th Class: Oscar & Izac

4th Class: Nathan 

2nd Class: Harry 


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