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2nd Class School Tour

Yesterday second class went on their school tour to Rathbeggan Lakes. The children were bursting with excitement that morning and they had a wonderful day in the sunshine. It was an action-packed day filled with a range of activities. The children went on a heritage trail where they got to see some of the local nature, including unusual dragonflies and beautiful reeds, which they were very amazed by. Here they also got to climb up to a castle on a hill to overlook the scenery, play on some playground activities and see some samples of crannógs and prehistoric standing stones. The children then got a chance to visit the fairy homes in the woods. The children also got to paddle on the lake in swan paddling boats and they had lots of laughter when they got the chance to go into one of the water rollers. This was followed by plenty of jumping around on the wide variety of bouncy castles. Finally, the children had a chance to feed the chickens, goats and bunnies and had time to play in the playground before the bus journey home. It was a wonderful day for all. Take a look at some of the pictures below from our day. 

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