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3,2,1. . Blast Off in Senior Infants!


We had a very interesting few weeks in  our class learning all about Space through Aistear. We learned about Neil Armstrong, made our own aliens in Art and lots more. Have a look at our pictures to see what else we have been up to!


Star Dome

Junior infants visited the Star Dome just before mid term. They learned about day and night and identified the different constellations

Badminton in 6th Class

Donal's 6th class have been developing their badminton skills each week for the month of February. Having got comfortable with holding the racket, picking up on the rules of badminton and taking part in friendly rallies both in teams and with one other partner the children are now ready to move onto playing competitive matches after the Midterm Break. The class have enjoyed it immensely and it is fair to say that exciting times lie ahead!!!!

February Cross Country in Griffeen Park

Thye February Cross Country was a great success. The children really enjoyed the day even though the conditions were tough. Brilliant running from everyone! Well done all! Have a look at our photos.

The Bakery in Junior Infants

This month in Shauna's Junior Infants, we have been learning about the work of a baker. We learnt how flour is made and we pretended to be bakers in the role play corner. We also made rice crispie cakes to bring home. 

Cross Country Race

Cross Country Event…… February 7th 2018 @ Griffeen Valley Park.


Cross Country time is fast approaching and our school team are looking forward to their first race at Griffeen Valley Park on Wednesday February 7th @ 11.00 a.m.  There are 17 schools scheduled to take part. We will be walking to and from the venue and expect to be back at the school by 12.30 p.m.

Congratulations to all who all the children who have been selected following trials last week.  Our team is as follows:

Third Class Boys: Sander, Matas, Ferdia, Dylan, Muneeb and Matthew

Third Class Girls: Rachel, Robyn, Mashal, Catriona, Katlyn and Shauna.

Lights! Sirens! Action! Fire Station Aistear in Maeve's Senior Infants

We have been learning about Fire Safety in our January Aistear theme: The Fire Station.


Gymnastics in 2nd Class

In Karen's 2nd class, this week we have started gymnastics. We started by exploring the different ways of moving while we had P.E. outdoors on Monday. We then worked in pairs to create a sequence using three different types of movement - feet only, hands and a feet and a jump to finish. 

Gaeilge i Rang a Dó

This week in Karen's 2nd class, we played a game in pairs to guess the time displayed on our partner's clock. This helped us to learn the time as Gaeilge. We love playing games as Gaeilge!

Happy New Year Art

This week in Karen and Sharon's 2nd class, we created New Year's fireworks. We created them using a mixture of paint and chalk pastels. We also had fun with the paint by experimenting with colours, using cotton buds to create lines and straws to blow the paint into lines. We even created silhouettes of the night sky at the bottom of our painting. Take a look at some of them below.



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