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Hunger Heroes

Jenny's 5th dressed up as Heroes, helping to raise money for Conern's Hunger Hero campaign. 

What's in a Circle?

Jenny's 5th were learning all about the Circle in Maths.

The circle is an important shape in Maths. Its also very symbolic in religions and writings across the world.

We brought the symbol of the circle through to our Creative Writing and also to our Art.

We looked at the artist Alma Woodsey Thomas also.  She was the first African American female artist  to have a solo display at the New York Whitney Museum of American Art. Over her career, her work changed from Realistic Art Work to Abstract and Expressionism.

April Sunsets by Jenny's 5th

We were inspired by the beautiful long evenings to create the impression of April Sunsets. We used inky paints, brushes and straws to create our sunsets.

Playground Fun!

We've been enjoying the new school playground. 

Walk in the park

Dear Parents/Guardians,

 As you know we are without an events co-ordinator in the PTA. We badly need someone to take charge of the walk in the park Friday 27th May. What about a group of parents together? All of the prep work (such as sponsorship cards) will be done, so it really is just the work on the day. Without your help we can’t run this event which brought in almost €2,000 for the school last year! We need the following:

Bring to park:

Picnic table

Water for children (480 bottles) - which will be purchased by a very kind volunteer!

First aid box

Chalk for arrows, start and finish lines




Hunger Heroes

Junior Infants had great fun dressing up on Friday for 'Hunger Hero Day'. We helped to raise money for Concern in their fight against hunger!

Addition with Lego

Junior Infants are working very hard in maths. This week we looked at adding two numbers using our Lego. 

Hunger Heroes in junior infants

We have a classroom full of super heroes today!  Well done to everyone who dressed up and supported such a good cause.  We had some very interesting heroes too

'Super Emma'  'Rainbow maker superhero' and 'Shark boy' all came to our class today.

LETNS Proclamation

Our school's version of the proclamation as written by the children from 3rd to 6th class.

April Cross Country

Our April Cross Country Race took place on Wednesday 6th. The weather was much more favourable this time around and suited our athletes much better. The teams performed exceptionally well with many children placed in all of the races. It was a thoroughly enjoyable day and everyone is looking forward to the final cross country race in May. Take a look at the video to see our LETS runners in action!


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