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Athletics in 1st Class

Yvonne's First Class have been focusing on Athletics in P.E this month.

We have been practising speed walking, jogging, sprinting and we are learning to run a relay.

On your marks, get set.... GO!

South Dublin Libraries Quiz 2018

Congratulations to our 5th & 6th Class participants in the South Dublin Libraries Quiz 2018.

The Quiz Heat took place in Lucan Library on 2nd February, followed by the Quiz Final in Tallaght Library on 9th February.

Well done to the 6th Class participants for placing 5th in the Final!

World Book Day 2018

We celebrated World Book Day by dressing up as characters from our favourite stories. Can you name all the characters in the photos?

Animals in Winter

Yvonne's First Class learned about different animals in winter that hibernate and migrate.

We also learned about animals that adapt to cold climates, and were inspired to create our penguin paintings.

We used watercolour to paint the background and charcoal to create our penguins. 

Chinese New Year 2018

Yvonne's First Class were learning about the Chinese New Year and the way in which people celebrate it.

Chinese New Year was celebrated on Friday 16th February this year.

We enjoyed making Dragon Masks for the Chinese New Year.

World Maths Day 2018

First Class enjoyed our Maths Trail in the Junior Yard today to celebrate World Maths Day 2018.

We worked with a partner to identify 2D and 3D shapes and count the number of classrooms, benches and shapes around the yard.

Happy International Women's Day

The Ethos Committee talked this week about International Women's Day and they came up with a woman in their lives or someone famous who inspires them. Enjoy this video of the children talking about women who inspire them! 

Science Project Donal's 6th

Donal's 6th class spent a number of afternoons over the past two weeks planning, designing and making a project in class. The children were split into groups of 3 and 4. The level cooperation and teamwork within each of the groups was magnificent from the planning stage right up until the completion of them. The children were asked to design and make a rocket which would be judged by Siobhan. The quality of the rockets were so good it left Siobhan with an extremely difficult choice to make and one she spent a long time thinking about. Please take some time to flick through the slideshow and check out the great work from 6th class. Well to everyone who took part!

1st Place: Michelle, Anna & Lena

Active Club - Committee Meeting

On Friday afternoon the recently elected members of our Active Committee gathered in the library for the first time as a group with Donal and Shauna. There was much on the agenda to be discussed so no time was wasted. Each of the members of the commitee received their very one 'Active School' badge which they will wear while representing their classes on committee duty. The first item discussed by the team was ideas for getting the whole school involved in a team event. The idea that was decided on was a whole school relay marathon. A date will be confirmed by the team at the next meeting. The next item discussed was possibilities for a school active slogan.


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