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Language of the Month for February - Russian

This month in school, our language of the month is Russian. There are sixteen children in our school that speak Russian. The children will meet during the month to speak Russian with one another, share and read stories in Russian and play games in Russian. Here are some Russian words to use this month:

Music Workshops with our Junior Infants to 1st classes

The children in classes Junior Infants to 1st had great fun in a musical workshop with Paul Maher from Simply Music.

The children got to use instruments such as Cymbals, Drums, and Boomwhackers to creat sound effects and accompany nursery rhymes.

The children loved the workshops and we are hoping to have Paul back later in the term for more workshops with some of our other classes.

Language of the Month - Chinese Class

Today for our language of the month, we welcomed some parents in to share their Chinese. The parents volunteered to teach some Chinese to the Chinese speaking children in the school. The children had great fun! Thank you so much to the parents who volunteered their time. Take a look at the pictures below. 

Happy New Year!

Chinese New Year and Sam Maguire Cup Visit!

Today was a very busy day in school! We had a visitor in to speak to all the classes about the Chinese New Year. After lunch time, we also had another special visitor, the Sam Maguire cup came to visit! What an exciting Friday! 

Happy New Year!

Language of the Month for January - Chinese

This month our language of the month is Chinese.  Twelve children in the school speak Chinese. They will meet this month to speak Chinese, play games and read stories in Chinese. They will also be making announcements to teach the children in the school some Chinese words and phrases.

Christmas around the world, 3rd class project

During the month of December the children are learning about Christianity. The 3rd classes are undertaking a project about a Christian festival, Christmas, and how it is celebrated around the world.  There are several websites with information about how Christmas in celebrated in different countries linked in the padlet below:


When you click on the padlet link you will be asked to enter a password.  The password is Christmas.

Ruth, Triona and Grace

Democracy at work in Ruth and Triona's 3rd class!

In Ruth and Triona's 3rd class we have been discussing democracy and what it means to us.  To put it into practice we decided to vote for our Green Team representative.  Each candidate gave a short speech about why their classmates should vote for them.  Every child had one secret vote and the ballots were then counted.  Congratulations to Amanda, the new Green Team representative for our class! Check out our photo's in the powerpoint below.

Grace's 3rd Class Science experiments

We had lots of fun today showing all our science experiments in 3rd class! Well done to all the children for getting involved! Take a look! 

3rd Class Padlet Link for Science Week

Dear Parents,

Science Week is taking place this week Monday 14th –Friday 18th November.  We are planning to join in the celebrations. As part of the week, we would like the children in third class to investigate and try their own science experiment at home. We will then ask the children to take their science experiment into school at the end of the week to show the class. To help the children with their experiment, we have attached a padlet link https://padlet.com/graceflaherty/troqbgekm3vw

Airport in senior infants

During the month of October we have had an airport theme in Gráinne's class.  Our play stations have been designed around the airport.  Firstly we had a check-in desk and security desk in the role play area, then we used the Mobilo to build flying machines and finally in art and science we made helicopters, rockets and paper planes.  It was great fun playing with all these things  Thank you to all the mammies and daddies how allowed us to share our airport toys with our friends.


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