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Computers - Money Interactive Games

First Class have been focusing on money activities this week in Computers.

We really enjoyed engaging with the website Teaching Money (Euro): http://www.teachingmoney.co.uk/eurosite/euroindex.html

We can use this website to practise at home also. Our favourite games are Shopping Spree and Money Match!

Active Committee Meeting - 16/03/18

On Friday 16th of March the elected members of our Active Committee gathered Donal's room for their monthly meeting. There was much on the agenda to be discussed so no time was wasted. The first order of business for the committee was to confirm an active slogan for the school. many great suggestions were made by the groups last week so Shauna put the three most popular ones to vote. Following the vote it was decided that "Don't sit if you want to be fit" would be the school's active slogan.

April Cross Country Races

Race Report by Aoife & Aisling from 6th Class

It was a lovely, sunny beautiful spring day.

The sun was out and so were the schools.

Everyone was warming up and the 3rd classes were getting ready for their race.

We had lots of good races from the 3rd classes, a few 1st and 2nd places.

Endangered Animals Research Project

Hello second class. Here are some links to help with your endangered animals research project that is due on Wednesday the 2nd of May. We hope that you enjoy completing the project.


https://www.worldwildlife.org/species/directory?sort=extinction_status&direction=desc - This will help you pick your animal.

Art - April Showers

First Class were busy painting the last of the April showers - here come the May flowers, and sunshine too!

LETS Marathon Relay

The LETS Marathon Relay will be taking place next Wednesday 25th of April on out Astroturf. All the children, from Junior Infants to Sixth Class (and even some teachers and parents!), will be taking part and running a section of the relay. By the end of the day we will have ran a grand total of 42.2km as a team. Children are asked to donate €2 to take part in this event. The Active Flag Committee will be meeting to decide what new piece of PE equipment to buy with the funds raised. We are looking forward to seeing everyone participating and having fun on the day!

Science Project - Animals

Yvonne's First Class are researching their chosen animal for their upcoming Science Project on Animals using the National Geographic Kids website in Computers.

We are really enjoying learning more about our favourite animals and we can't wait to see all the finished projects!


Funky Easter Bunny Art

First Class enjoyed using black permanent markers to create different patterns for our Funky Easter Bunnies in Art.

We hope everyone had a wonderful Easter break!


We learned about the work of Fairtrade and the importance of buying Fairtrade. We realised that we already had a lot of Fairtrade items at home. We brought these in and created a Fairtrade display. We were surprised at some products that were Fairtrade, such as jelly beans and moisturisers! We also created 'Fairtrade lunchboxes' with Fairtrade items inside them.


Our value of the month for April is respect. We have been discussing what respect means and how to show respect to others, ourselves, as well as to nature. We worked in groups to share ways to show respect in different situations. We then presented our ideas to the class. We came up with wonderful ideas of how to show respect.


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