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3rd Class Padlet Link for Science Week

Dear Parents,

Science Week is taking place this week Monday 14th –Friday 18th November.  We are planning to join in the celebrations. As part of the week, we would like the children in third class to investigate and try their own science experiment at home. We will then ask the children to take their science experiment into school at the end of the week to show the class. To help the children with their experiment, we have attached a padlet link https://padlet.com/graceflaherty/troqbgekm3vw

Airport in senior infants

During the month of October we have had an airport theme in Gráinne's class.  Our play stations have been designed around the airport.  Firstly we had a check-in desk and security desk in the role play area, then we used the Mobilo to build flying machines and finally in art and science we made helicopters, rockets and paper planes.  It was great fun playing with all these things  Thank you to all the mammies and daddies how allowed us to share our airport toys with our friends.

Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur Celebrations

Sarah from Catriona's 6th class prepared a very informative powerpoint about two Jewish festivals with Maeve. Sarah is part of our newly formed Ethos Committee which will be helping to bring the Learn Together curriculum into our daily lives at school.

Enjoying the School Garden

We planted some bulbs in the newly cleared school garden today. We can't wait to see them in Spring! Thanks to John and all the children who prepared the soil. Maeve and Deirdre

Invitation to Join Us on Friday 28th October


iہیلو – Hello

Recently we conducted a short survey and found that we have 54 countries/cultures represented in our school community. This has the potential to hugely enrich our educational experiences at school.

With this in mind we have introduced a ‘Language of the Month’ initiative in the school. The language for the month of October is Urdu.  Currently, we have 15-20 children who have some knowledge of Urdu.

October Language of the Month

This month our language of the month is Urdu. Urdu is mainly spoken in Pakistan, but it is also spoken and understood in parts of India, Bangladesh, Nepal and the Middle East. There are an estimated 100 million speakers of Urdu around the world. Urdu is written and read from right to left; the opposite of English. 

Learn some phrases in Urdu at the link below:



4th Class Art using recycled products!

We used recycled fruit boxes from the Recreate company to create these useful and decorative storage boxes. 

Geography in senior infants

We have had a very busy start to the new year.  We were learning about where we live, Lucan.  We talked about who lived with us and where we lived in Lucan.  We worked in teams to build a map of our area.  We were careful to include the plants and trees, the greens and parks we play in, the traffic lights and zebra crossings we use.  It was great fun!

Executive Committee membership form

The Annual General Meeting of the Lucan Educate Together Association will be held

Wednesday October 19th 2016 at 8p.m. in school

when a new Executive Committee will be elected.


What is the Lucan Educate Together Association?

All Irish primary schools are required to have a patron who is the legal owner the school.  The patron is responsible for upholding the ethos of the school and maintenance of the school building.  It also appoints two members to the school’s Board of Management.

School Trip

Junior infants had our fun day last week.  We started our day on the playground and then had some fun games in the hall.  We then went to the library to see Jungle Dave and all his exotic animals.  It was really exciting to get to see, touch and so many animals.  We finished the day off with a teddy bears picnic in the yard.  It was a great day and a great way to end junior infants.


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