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Irish Dancing

2nd Class had so much fun Irish dancing during Seachtain na Gaeilge le Marie Caren. We learned a new bridge dance and really enjoyed it.

Pop Art Hearts

We learned about the Pop Art style of art. We looked at the work of the pop artist Jim Dine. We were inspired by his hearts artwork to create our own pop art hearts.

LETS Active Flag Pupil Survey

We would love your feedback to help our school to achieve our Active Flag! The Active Flag Committee have been working long and hard to design a survey to find out how we can make the school and it's pupils as active as possible. 

Plesae click the link below to complete our survey:


LETS Active Flag Pupil Survey

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Engineering week in Senior Infants

We loved learning all about gears at a Lego Workshop. Thanks to Anne Marie for organising it!

Spring Art

Spring is finally here!

Yvonne's First Class have been painting Cherry Blossom trees this week in class.

Athletics in 1st Class

Yvonne's First Class have been focusing on Athletics in P.E this month.

We have been practising speed walking, jogging, sprinting and we are learning to run a relay.

On your marks, get set.... GO!

South Dublin Libraries Quiz 2018

Congratulations to our 5th & 6th Class participants in the South Dublin Libraries Quiz 2018.

The Quiz Heat took place in Lucan Library on 2nd February, followed by the Quiz Final in Tallaght Library on 9th February.

Well done to the 6th Class participants for placing 5th in the Final!

World Book Day 2018

We celebrated World Book Day by dressing up as characters from our favourite stories. Can you name all the characters in the photos?


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