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Dancing in Junior Infants

Junior infants started off Active Week with dancing in trhe hall with Emily. Everyone had a great time!

Dodgeball in First Class

First Class enjoyed our game of Dodgeball today as part of Active Week in school.

One, Two Three... Dodge!

Active Week - Dance

First Class really enjoyed our Dance session today as part of our Active Week activities.

We are very excited for the rest of Active Week in Lucan ETNS.

Making Waves in 2nd Class

Karen's 2nd class were inspired by Hokusai's 'The Great Wave off Kanagawa'. We re-created this piece of art work and explored warm colours and cool colours and perspective. We really enjoyed creating these, take a look at them below.

Maeve's Senior Infants say goodbye to our butterflies

We have been fascinated to see the butterflies emerge from their cocoons this week. We have loved every second of their time with us, we watched them grow from tiny caterpillars to  enormous caterpillars and then we saw them go into their cocoons. We came back from the Bank Holiday weekend to find three of them hatched and a fourth one followed on Wednesday. Today it was time to release them. We will miss them so much!

Maeve's Senior Infants and Therese's 4th Class Reading Buddies

We have loved reading with our Reading Buddies from Fourth Class in the library all year. Today Therese read us a book and then we drew pictures of the characters and setting outside. Thanks for being the best buddies ever Fourth Class!

2nd Class Mapping Skills

In second class this month we have been learning all about Ireland using maps. We have learned about the provinces, counties and rivers of Ireland. We have been working in pairs and using atlases and a variety of other maps to identify the names and locations of the rivers and counties of Ireland. 

2nd Class School Tour

Yesterday second class went on their school tour to Rathbeggan Lakes. The children were bursting with excitement that morning and they had a wonderful day in the sunshine. It was an action-packed day filled with a range of activities. The children went on a heritage trail where they got to see some of the local nature, including unusual dragonflies and beautiful reeds, which they were very amazed by. Here they also got to climb up to a castle on a hill to overlook the scenery, play on some playground activities and see some samples of crannógs and prehistoric standing stones. The children then got a chance to visit the fairy homes in the woods.

Colour Mixing in 2nd Class

Last month for our value of Independence, we listened to the story of Elmer the Elephant. We discussed how Elmer's multi-coloured patchwork made him special and rare. Thorugh this story, we learned that being independent is not only about doing things for ourselves but also about being unique. Based on this story, we experimented with colour mixing. We used the primary colours of red, yellow and blue and some black and white to re-create Elmer's patchwork of colours.


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