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Recycling Tips

Recycling kitchen items and composting tips.

5th Class Tongue Twister

 Can you say this tongue twister? Try saying it quickly.

Good luck!


The celebrity cycled in a circle at the circus celebration ceremony in the centre of the city.


Remember the rule, C followed by i, e or y usually has an 's' sound.

Written by Roisín from Deirdre's 5th class, with Maeve.

Art Work on Landscapes Tom's Class

We have been doing some art work based on landscapes and the weather. We have also been experimenting with different effects using wax crayons and paint washes.

First Class Science

Shona's class have been learning all about sound in science. 

Did you know sound travels in waves?

We learned about volume and pitch.

Volume is the loudness or the softness of a sound.

Pitch is the highest or lowest sound an object makes.

First Class Maths

First class are learning about the 100 square.  There are so many games you can play with a hundred square why not try some of these.








6th Class Debate

Have a look at our arguments and see if you can be persuaded to agree!

Debate: A dog is a better pet than a cat.

Arguments For Dogs, debated by Vanessa.

  • Dogs are loyal to their owners.
  • Dogs can help people with special needs because they can be trained to do jobs.
  • Dogs encourage you to have a healthy lifestyle because you have to walk them.
  • Having a dog lowers your blood pressure, leading to a longer life.

Arguments for Cats, debated by Georgia May (not her real opinion!)

Green Schools

'Green Schools' is an international environmental education programme. In this programme there are 6 themes. In our school we are working on the first theme which is Litter and Waste Minimistion. As a school community we are working towards being awarded or first ever green flag! In order to achieve our goal we all need to work together and think green.

Our aims are to:

6th Class Artwork

Muireann's class have been painting some beautiful winter scenes.  We hope you enjoy them!

Enrolment details

Enrolment at L.E.T.S


Our Enrolment Policy for places in our mainstream and outreach classes has recently been reviewed. The revised policy supersedes all previous policies. A copy of the policy is available on our website for your perusal. I would like to thank all who have contributed to the process, in particular our B.O.M., present and previous Executive committees and Staff.

Our first round of offers for places in our Junior Infant classes for September 2015 will be made in week commencing January 19th.

What's happening

We have some great work happening in all the classrooms at the moment.  Here's a sample of some work from various classes in the school.  Keep checking the website for more work!


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