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Maths Trail for Maths Week

The two fourth classes joined forces for a Maths Trail around the school grounds. Together, we measured areas, spotted 2D shapes, looked out for angles and solved problems on the giant snakes and ladders square. 

National Tree Day 5th October

Jenny's 4th took advantage of a beautiful autumn day and had a stroll in Willsbrook Park to look at and appreciate our local trees for National Tree Day.

We collected some acorns, cones and leaves for our investigation table along the way. 

Learning the Violin with Grace

We started our violin lessons with Grace in October. 


September in Fourth Class

Enjoying some sunny weather on our school playground, getting to know our new classmates.

Friendship Soup

For Friendship Week 2017 Jenny's 4th made some soup together.

We each took responsibility for preparing part of the soup. We cooked it in our classroom on a hotplate and it smelled delicious!

Then we shared our group-made meal with each other. 


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by Dr. Radut