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First Class Artwork

Shona's class have been learning about the famous artist Vincent Van Gogh this week.

Did you know:

Vincent Van Gogh was born in the Netherlands. He spoke Dutch, English and French! He painted many paintings but only sold one when he was alive!

Van Gogh liked to paint flowers. His favourite kind of flower was sunflowers. He painted lots of sunflowers! 

Cross-country racing

Well done to our 50 students who took part in the firsit in a series of cross-country runs organised by South Dublin County Council  today. The race took place in Griffeen Valley Park  Lucan. The team comprised of children from third to sixth class.

FABULOUS FACTS by Tamasine's 2nd Class

Every week in 2nd Class someone takes home our book of 'Fabulous Facts' to write in.  We have been amazed during the year by what we have been taught!

Here are some from this week that were found by Chloe.  She decided to research facts about China.

Ice cream was invented in China around 2000BC.

Why? Poems Tom's class

We have been reading 'Why do the stars come out at night' by Annalena McAfee and Anthony Lewis. We have based our poems around the strucure of this book.

Recycling in first class

In first class we have been talking about recycling.  We collected materials from our recycling bins at home, brought them to school and today we used them to create 'Robbie - the recycling robot'.  He stands, very tall at the back of our classroom keeping an eye on all the recycling in our class. 



Tamasine's 2nd Class Projects on homes around the world

Here in 2nd Class we have been working hard building homes!  From yurts to skycrapers.  You can even see inside some of our homes.  You are very welcome, so come on in and take a look!

Muireann's 6th class - Kandinsky inspired art work

This week we have been focusing on the work of the artist Wassily Kandinsky. He was an influential Russian painter and is seen as one of the first painters of abstract works. In his later works Kandinsky focused more on geometric elements in his art - particularly circles, half-circles, angles, straight lines and curves. Have a look at our Kandinsky inspired chalk pastel pictures. See how many shapes you can spot! 

Second Class SESE

This month in second class we have been learning about weather. We discussed the different types of weather that we have, how weather is different around the world and how weather affects us. We listed items that use heat and how we can cool down if we are too hot. We made our own fans using card, lollipop sticks and straws. Have a look at some of our creations.

Literacy at LETS

Below you will find a list of recommended reading for all ages.  There are also some links to local libraries and other websites of interest, in helping develop your child's literacy levels.  http://www.pdst.ie in particular, have a comprehensive collection of video clips and tips for you to explore with your children.  You will also find some tips for reading at home.  We hope you find this helpful.



Please check out http://www.childrensbooksireland.ie and click under “Inis Magazine  “or “Recommended reads” which gives accounts of book reviews and recommended reading for various age groups.

Space Art

In 4th Class, in SESE, we have been learning about space.  We have been learning about how astronauts survive in space, how they eat, drink, sleep, wash and work.  We have also been researching information about the planets in our Solar System and how far away they are from the sun. We decided to use chalk pastels and photography to make some space art.


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