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Junior Infants - PE

We are always having fun in junior infants.  This week we were in the astro-turf playing chasing games wtih our friends on Tuesday and then on Thursday we went to the hall and practiced our throwing and catching skills.

National Science week

Classes have been talking about national science week.  Many classes did experiments from testing our senses in junior infants to making lava lamps in sixth class.  It was a great week and there is lots happening around Ireland.  Log on to http://www.science.ie/ for more information.

Green Team

Our new Green Team have been elected and began work on our second green flag this week.  The energy flag is about raising awareness of renewable and non-renewable energy.  We are aiming to reduce energy wasted in the school by turning off lights, computers, projectors and heaters when they are not needed.

IT upgrade

Upgrade of our I.T. system

Work on the upgrade of our computer room and classroom computers was ongoing over the midterm break. We are delighted to let you know that the project is now almost complete and staff and children will enjoy and benefit from much improved I.T. facilities in the school. This could not have happened without the support of our school community. First we would like to express our thanks and appreciation to our PTA and Parents  for your ongoing financial support through our various fundraisers over the past few years. The upgrade of our I.T. system was prioritised for funding some time ago. Through your consistent support we have now achieved this target. Thank you very much to everyone.

Parent teacher meetings

Reminder that Parent teacher Meetings will take place on Wednesday 18th and Thursday 19th November 2015 with the exception of


( Jenny 5th class teacher will be holding her meetings on Tuesday 17th and Wednesday 18th November)


(Catriona 6th class teacher will be holding her meetings on Monday 16th and Wednesday 17th November )


Sign up sheets for all classes will be in front of reception on Thursday 12th and Friday 13th  November  and again on Monday 16th and Tuesday 17th

for you to choose a day and time to meet your child’s class teacher.

The School Choir Debut Performance

The School Choir had their debut performance on 22nd October, at Muireann’s 6th Class Assembly, with Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

Comprised of pupils from our 5th and 6th classes, the 70-strong choir have been working hard with teachers Rachel and Grace. They are showing great dedication, not only learning songs, but the choreography too.

Here they are thrilling the school with their rendition of the Michael Jackson classic.

Jenny's Class

Group Projects

During October we have been looking at the value of Co-operation and in the run up to midterm we did group projects on Halloween. We investigated different pieces of information about the Celtic celebration – from superstition and bonfires, to festivals similar to Halloween around the world. We shared what we discovered with our groups and then put a project together to present to the rest of the class. Mary came up to hear our presentations. We really enjoyed this project and were thrilled to discover we could work so well together to produce interesting work in a creative way!  

Jenny's Class

Jenny’s 5th have been doing wonderful work in art!

Here are some examples of their work.

Grecian Urns

In September, we looked at Grecian urns used in Ancient Greece. This pottery was decorated with designs, pictures from everyday life, and stories that were important to the Ancient Greeks.

Fabulous Hairstyles!

We took some inspiration from the lines we were studying in Maths to create some new and interesting hairstyles! We used curvy, straight, zig-zagged, diagonal, looped, wavy, horizontal, vertical and intersecting lines of different thicknesses. We would be happy to create a new hairstyle for you!

Banyan Trees

Jenny's Class

My name is Dmitry. I do Shotokan Karate. I competed in the All Ireland Shotokan Karate Championships on 18 October. I did have some injuries but got into the finals and it was not easy! But today I am the best Under Eleven Fighter in Ireland!

Quite a few people in my class do Karate:

·         Chetna (white belt)

·         Sara (white belt)

·         Faheem (orange belt)

·         Matt (brown belt)

·         And of course Me! (black belt)

By Dmitry Kavanagh

A Visit From Concern

A Visit from Concern


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