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English Stations in Junior Infants

Junior Infants have also started English stations. This week our nursery rhyme of the week is 'Twinkle, Twinkle'. Our English stations are based on this nursery rhyme. We are working on retelling the nursery rhyme, identifying the rhyming words and developing pre-writing skills through these activities. Take a look at some of our activities in the photos below.

Maths Stations in Junior Infants

Junior Infants have started maths stations. This week and last week, the children have been working on identifying the colours through sorting, matching and classifying. They have had lots of fun completing their station activities. Take a look at some of our station work in the photos below.

Junior Infants Visit The Playground

Karen's Junior Infants visited the school playground for the first time on Monday. The class had great fun, which you can see in the photos below. Karen's Junior Infants will have playground time every Monday during yard time.

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Rounders in First Class

Yvonne's First Class enjoyed playing rounders in the blue sky and sunshine today!

Each team played an excellent game, using a tennis racket to hit the ball outfield.

Look at us go!

First Class, Up and Dancing!

The First Classes took part in a Dance Session with Emily, as part of our Active School Week.  Some great dance moves by all!

Outdoor Activities in 2nd Class

Today we started learning about outdoor and adventure activities. We learned about orienteering and using a compass and control card. We worked in pairs and used a control card. We had to hunt for the shape that was on our control card and write the corresponding letter beside it. We had lots of fun doing this and are excited for the rest of our outdoor activities over the next two weeks.

Walk in the Park

Big smiles for our Walk in the Park! Yvonne's First Class really enjoyed our Walk in the Park on Friday as part of our Active Week in Lucan ETNS.

We completed 3 laps of the park as part of our sponsored walk, and enjoyed a Loop the Loop after all our hard work!

Sports Day - First Class

First Class really enjoyed Sports Day on Wednesday 13th June as part of our Active Week in Lucan ETNS.

We completed many activities and sports throughout the day including games with the parachute, activity stations, football, basketball, and athletics.


Active Week Fun

We had lots of fun for Sports Day this week with many fun activities to particpate in and the whole school got to show off their moves in a co-ordinated dance as part of Active week. Check out the pictures!


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