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Star Dome

Junior infants visited the Star Dome just before mid term. They learned about day and night and identified the different constellations

The Bakery in Junior Infants

This month in Shauna's Junior Infants, we have been learning about the work of a baker. We learnt how flour is made and we pretended to be bakers in the role play corner. We also made rice crispie cakes to bring home. 

Winter Assembly

Junior infants really enjoyed their first performance at assembly. They sang Little Snowflake and wore reindeer antlers they made with their reading buddies. It was a fantastic way to end to Term 1. 

Junior Infants Playing Soccer in PE

Conor has been teaching us lots of soccer skills during the month of November. We played some mini matches also. 

Science Week

During Science Week the Junior Infants explored how magnets work. We found lots of magnetic objects in our classroom. We were able to move paperclips around paper plates without touching them with the magnets. 

The Estate Agents

This month Shauna's Junior Infants are learning about the Estate Agents in Aistear. We are buying and selling all different kinds of houses to each other and building houses using blocks. We cut and paste parts of houses to make pictures. We are also making junk art bungalows, detached houses, castles, apartments and any other kinds of houses we can imagine.


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by Dr. Radut