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Newsletter 26th Feb 2015

Dear Parents/Guardians,


  Welcome back after midterm and hope you all enjoyed the break from school.


Green Action Day

Muireann's 6th class - Kandinsky inspired art work

This week we have been focusing on the work of the artist Wassily Kandinsky. He was an influential Russian painter and is seen as one of the first painters of abstract works. In his later works Kandinsky focused more on geometric elements in his art - particularly circles, half-circles, angles, straight lines and curves. Have a look at our Kandinsky inspired chalk pastel pictures. See how many shapes you can spot! 

6th Class Debate

Have a look at our arguments and see if you can be persuaded to agree!

Debate: A dog is a better pet than a cat.

Arguments For Dogs, debated by Vanessa.

  • Dogs are loyal to their owners.
  • Dogs can help people with special needs because they can be trained to do jobs.
  • Dogs encourage you to have a healthy lifestyle because you have to walk them.
  • Having a dog lowers your blood pressure, leading to a longer life.

Arguments for Cats, debated by Georgia May (not her real opinion!)


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