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February XC Race Report

First cross country race of 2017

It was a cold, misty morning but that wasn’t going to stop L.E.T.N.S! The 3rd classes started off with a bang. The boys started to prepare as the girls’ race got under way. 300m down to the finish line they ran their hearts out on their very 1st race, with everyone placing well.

Soon the 4th classes started their nerve wracking race! 400m seemed a long way for those determined runners. All placing well, everyone was happy.

5th started an astonishing 500m race! Their hearts were beating fast and their nerves were kicking in, but that didn’t stop them. The girls and boys ran an amazing race, all running superbly, no bother to them.

XC Race February 2017

We have made an excellent start to the South Dublin Cross Country races this season. Our first race was on Wednesday 8th of February. The children had a fantastic day and are already looking forward to our next outing in March. Check out all the runners in action below. Full race report to follow!

Operation Transformation 10 for 10

Today the staff and children in classes 3rd to 6th went to Willsbrook Park and joined groups/schools all over the country in the '10 for 10' fitness initiative marking 10th anniversary of Operation Transformation while staff and children in Junior to second classes  took part in a variety of fun activities in the school grounds.

It was a lovely crisp morning for the event. Children loved the event as can be seen from the attached photos and many wondered if we could do it very Friday morning. !!

Language of the Month for February - Russian

This month in school, our language of the month is Russian. There are sixteen children in our school that speak Russian. The children will meet during the month to speak Russian with one another, share and read stories in Russian and play games in Russian. Here are some Russian words to use this month:

Language of the Month - Chinese Class

Today for our language of the month, we welcomed some parents in to share their Chinese. The parents volunteered to teach some Chinese to the Chinese speaking children in the school. The children had great fun! Thank you so much to the parents who volunteered their time. Take a look at the pictures below. 

Happy New Year!

Chinese New Year and Sam Maguire Cup Visit!

Today was a very busy day in school! We had a visitor in to speak to all the classes about the Chinese New Year. After lunch time, we also had another special visitor, the Sam Maguire cup came to visit! What an exciting Friday! 

Happy New Year!

Language of the Month for January - Chinese

This month our language of the month is Chinese.  Twelve children in the school speak Chinese. They will meet this month to speak Chinese, play games and read stories in Chinese. They will also be making announcements to teach the children in the school some Chinese words and phrases.

Invitation to Join Us on Friday 28th October


iہیلو – Hello

Recently we conducted a short survey and found that we have 54 countries/cultures represented in our school community. This has the potential to hugely enrich our educational experiences at school.

With this in mind we have introduced a ‘Language of the Month’ initiative in the school. The language for the month of October is Urdu.  Currently, we have 15-20 children who have some knowledge of Urdu.

October Language of the Month

This month our language of the month is Urdu. Urdu is mainly spoken in Pakistan, but it is also spoken and understood in parts of India, Bangladesh, Nepal and the Middle East. There are an estimated 100 million speakers of Urdu around the world. Urdu is written and read from right to left; the opposite of English. 

Learn some phrases in Urdu at the link below:



4th Class Art using recycled products!

We used recycled fruit boxes from the Recreate company to create these useful and decorative storage boxes. 


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