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September in Fourth Class

Enjoying some sunny weather on our school playground, getting to know our new classmates.

Friendship Soup

For Friendship Week 2017 Jenny's 4th made some soup together.

We each took responsibility for preparing part of the soup. We cooked it in our classroom on a hotplate and it smelled delicious!

Then we shared our group-made meal with each other. 

LETNS Student Council

Student Council Members 2017 – 18


Student Rep

Yvonne’s J.I.

Conor Peavoy

Shauna’s J.I.

Ethan Slaughter Burgess

Maeve’s S.I.

Ella Hayes

Coffee Morning

LETS Thank You

Coffee Morning

To all the co-ordinators, volunteers and families involved in our 20th anniversary celebrations

We would like to invite you to a special coffee morning in your honour to thank you for your time and effort in making our celebration such a wonderful and special occasion for our school



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