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Gymnastics in 2nd Class

In Karen's 2nd class, this week we have started gymnastics. We started by exploring the different ways of moving while we had P.E. outdoors on Monday. We then worked in pairs to create a sequence using three different types of movement - feet only, hands and a feet and a jump to finish. 

Gaeilge i Rang a Dó

This week in Karen's 2nd class, we played a game in pairs to guess the time displayed on our partner's clock. This helped us to learn the time as Gaeilge. We love playing games as Gaeilge!

Happy New Year Art

This week in Karen and Sharon's 2nd class, we created New Year's fireworks. We created them using a mixture of paint and chalk pastels. We also had fun with the paint by experimenting with colours, using cotton buds to create lines and straws to blow the paint into lines. We even created silhouettes of the night sky at the bottom of our painting. Take a look at some of them below.


Bee-bots in Second Class

We had lots of fun using Bee-bots. They are little robots that we can give directions to. We give the bee-bots directions by pressing the arrow buttons in the correct order and then pressing go. It is a great way to use our problem solving and sequencing skills.

2nd Class Christmas Decorations

In Karen and Sharon's 2nd class, we made Christmas tree decorations using air dough. We flattened the air dough and then selected the cutter shape that we wanted. We left the air dough to dry, made a tiny hole to put the string in and then painted our decorations. Take a look at them below.

Sharon's Clay Art


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