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Science Week in LETNS - Robot Competition and Exhibition

Lucan Educate Together NS students participated in a Robot Competition and Exhibition for Science Week 2018.

Each class were invited to design and create their very own robots. Our robots were later displayed in the Library.

Students and parents were invited to visit our Robot Exhibition on Friday 16th November.

Well done to all for your fantastic robot creations!

#scienceweek2018 #believeinscience

Outdoor Activities in 2nd Class

Today we started learning about outdoor and adventure activities. We learned about orienteering and using a compass and control card. We worked in pairs and used a control card. We had to hunt for the shape that was on our control card and write the corresponding letter beside it. We had lots of fun doing this and are excited for the rest of our outdoor activities over the next two weeks.

Active Week Fun

We had lots of fun for Sports Day this week with many fun activities to particpate in and the whole school got to show off their moves in a co-ordinated dance as part of Active week. Check out the pictures!

Active School Week Homework

As announced by Mary in our last assemblies, there will be no written homework for children in June. We especially encouage you to go outdoors and to be as active as possible during active week. Please find some suggestions below.

2nd Class Zumba

2nd class had the chance to participate in a Zumba class today with Dimitry. Dimitry taught us fun Zumba dances. We really enjoyed learning some new steps and singing along to the songs we knew while dancing. 

2nd Class Sports Day

2nd class had a wonderful sports day yesterday. In the morning we started our day with some games outside, including croquet, basketball and rugby. Following that we had our races. We participated in a variety of races, including egg and spoon and a dress up race. We even got the parents involved and played some games with them. We also got to play in the playground and play with the parachute. The parachute is always so much fun! Lastly, we did activity stations inside the P.E. hall. Here, we had the chance to play a range of games from bowling and hurdling to penalty shots and target throwing. We had a great day! Take a look at some of our photos from the day.

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Student Council Active Day


Sports Day



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Making Waves in 2nd Class

Karen's 2nd class were inspired by Hokusai's 'The Great Wave off Kanagawa'. We re-created this piece of art work and explored warm colours and cool colours and perspective. We really enjoyed creating these, take a look at them below.

2nd Class Mapping Skills

In second class this month we have been learning all about Ireland using maps. We have learned about the provinces, counties and rivers of Ireland. We have been working in pairs and using atlases and a variety of other maps to identify the names and locations of the rivers and counties of Ireland. 

2nd Class School Tour

Yesterday second class went on their school tour to Rathbeggan Lakes. The children were bursting with excitement that morning and they had a wonderful day in the sunshine. It was an action-packed day filled with a range of activities. The children went on a heritage trail where they got to see some of the local nature, including unusual dragonflies and beautiful reeds, which they were very amazed by. Here they also got to climb up to a castle on a hill to overlook the scenery, play on some playground activities and see some samples of crannógs and prehistoric standing stones. The children then got a chance to visit the fairy homes in the woods.


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