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Newsletter 26th Feb 2015

Dear Parents/Guardians,


  Welcome back after midterm and hope you all enjoyed the break from school.


Green Action Day

Gaeilge in first class

We've been playing 'Cén t-am é a Mhic Tíre?'  Why not have a go a home.

Páistí eile: Cén  t-am é a Mhic Tíre?

Páistí 1(an mac tíre):  Tá sé a haon/a dó/a trí ...../am lóin/dinnéir/bricfeasta



We have been trying to use our Gaeilge in first class.  We had a bialann in our class last week and we had a siopa this week.  We used drama and role play to practice our abairtí.  Why not try at home?


Dia is Muire duit.  Seo duit an leabhar.

Cé mhéad atá air?

Tá €3 air.

Seo duit euro amhain, dhá euro, trí euro.

Geography in first class

First class have been discussing the environment we live in.  We looked at Lucan on Google earth and compared it to a small village in county Cavan.  We found a lot of differences and some similarities.  We worked in groups to create rural and urban landscapes.  As a class the majority of us wanted to continue living in Lucan because we liked having shops, school, cinema and friends close by but some of us did like the space and big gardens you can have in the countryside.  


First Class Artwork

Shona's class have been learning about the famous artist Vincent Van Gogh this week.

Did you know:

Vincent Van Gogh was born in the Netherlands. He spoke Dutch, English and French! He painted many paintings but only sold one when he was alive!

Van Gogh liked to paint flowers. His favourite kind of flower was sunflowers. He painted lots of sunflowers! 

Recycling in first class

In first class we have been talking about recycling.  We collected materials from our recycling bins at home, brought them to school and today we used them to create 'Robbie - the recycling robot'.  He stands, very tall at the back of our classroom keeping an eye on all the recycling in our class. 



First Class Science

Shona's class have been learning all about sound in science. 

Did you know sound travels in waves?

We learned about volume and pitch.

Volume is the loudness or the softness of a sound.

Pitch is the highest or lowest sound an object makes.

First Class Maths

First class are learning about the 100 square.  There are so many games you can play with a hundred square why not try some of these.









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