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Weather in First Class

This month in first class we have been learning all about weather. In Gaeilge we have been learning about An Aimsir.

In geography, science and history we have also been looking at weather.

We have made rain sticks and wind socks in art.

We have learned all about the water cycle and have made our very own mini water cycles. We also made rain gauges for measuring rainfall.

First Class Math Magicians

Every Friday we practise our adding skills by playing the math magician game. We have great fun doing it and are looking forward to getting to 100 questions in 5 minutes.

Here is the link to play it at home: http://www.oswego.org/ocsd-web/games/Mathmagician/maths1.html

2D Shapes in First Class

We had lots of fun learning about 2D shapes. We did lots of activities with 2D shapes! We constructed 2D shapes, made 2D shape pictures, went on a shape hunt, made shape collages and lots more. Have a look at some of our activities in the photos.

School Tour 2015

First classes went on their school trip yesterday to Mellowes Adventrue Centre.  We had a wonderful day helped along by the glorious weather!  There was so much to do we weren't sure where to start but the bouncing castles, the go-karts and the football pitch were our favourites.  After playtime we were spilt into groups and we did three different activities - gardening, disco and games.  We saw the growing and recycling centre and planted some carrot seeds.  They recycled old shoes and boots to plant the seeds in!  Then we visited the herb garden and tried some chives and mint.  Some of us really liked the chives!  Then we went inside for a disco and talent show.

Science in first class

We were enjoying the sunshine today as we went in search of some creatures.  We found lots of bugs and insects in the yard.

Mapping in first class

Today we were working on directions and mapping skills.  We used the BeeBots to travel around the map.  We had to programme the BeeBot giving him the correct instructions arrive at the correct destination.  It was great fun but a little tricky at times!

Out and About week

Shona's first class went on a minibeast hunt in the school grounds during Out and About week! We used a minibeast key to help us name all the minibeasts. In pairs, we recorded where we found them and what they were called. We used magnifying glasses to get a closer look. We found snails, ants, worms, flies, spiders and lots more! Getting out and about is so much fun!

Out and about week

The school has been celebrating 'out and about' week this week.  In first class we decided to link this to our science curriculum.  We had been talking about wind and wind power and as part of our work we made windmills and parachutes.  We put these to the test this week.  We took our windmills outside and tested our parachutes both outside and in the hall.  It was great fun!  We took them home so that we can try them at home.  Below you can see a slow-motion video of how the parachutes worked.


Letter writing

In first class we have been learning about writing letters.  We wrote to second class in St. Feilm's NS, Ballinagh, Co. Cavan.  http://stfelimsns.ie  We asked the children all about their school and told them all about ours.  We were very excited today when we received replies back.  Thank you to Miss Cunningham's class in St. Feiliim's!


Reading buddies

Gráinne's class and Donal's class have been reading buddies this year.  We've had some great fun together!  Today, during reading buddy time we worked on just one book.  The junior buddy in each pairing picked a book.  The senior buddy read the story and then together they redesigned the cover.  The junior buddy worked on the design for the front and the senior buddy worked on the blurb.  We had great fun and our designs are on display in the library.  



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