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October Language of the Month

This month our language of the month is Urdu. Urdu is mainly spoken in Pakistan, but it is also spoken and understood in parts of India, Bangladesh, Nepal and the Middle East. There are an estimated 100 million speakers of Urdu around the world. Urdu is written and read from right to left; the opposite of English. 

Learn some phrases in Urdu at the link below:



Look at Our Caterpillars

Our caterpillars have grown so much over the past few days!

They are nearly ready to climb to the top of the jar and become chrysalides.

Have a look at them!


Caterpillar Names

Today, we named our five caterpillars.

Say hello to:






Butterfly Art

With all the excitement of growing caterpillars in first class, this week we made butterflies for art.

We looked at lots of pictures of butterflies and discussed their symmetry.

We each made a beautiful, symmetrical butterfly.

We cannot wait to see what our real butterflies will look like in a few weeks!

Growing Caterpillars

In Karen's first class something very exciting is happening this month, we are growing caterpillars!

We have five tiny caterpillars in our classroom at the moment, every day they are getting a little bigger.

In a few weeks, they will turn into butterflies!

We will be posting more about them on the website, until we release them as butterflies.

First Class Sunflowers

On Earth Day, we planted sunflower seeds. In class, we have been checking on the sunflower seeds and taking care of them. We are watering them every day and keeping them beside the window for the sunlight. They have grown so much already, we cannot wait until we see the flowers start to bloom!

First Class Fun

Last month in first class was very busy! We had three visitors to our school and we went to visit the Lucan library. 

First, we had a visit from the storyteller Niall De Búrca. We had a great time listening to his wonderful stories, he always makes us laugh.

Next, we went on our first class visit to Lucan library. We walked to the library and thankfully it was a sunny day. We listened to a Garbo productions story called Cluck Cluck and the Crafty Fairies. It was a great story all about taking care of the environment. We were amazed at the fairy land in the story; it was very beautiful and magical!

First Class Literacy Hour

In first class, we have a literacy hour twice a week. We always look forward to literacy hour and we do such hard work. We go into reading, comprehension, phonics and independent work groups. In our phonics group, we work on our sound of the week. We can always think of lots of words for the sound of the week. We write the words we think of in coloured markers and using magnetic letters. Have a look to see an example of what we do every week below. 

Valentine's Day

In first class this week, we had lots of Valentine's Day fun during art. We made beautiful Valentine's cards using lots of materials. 

First Class Math Magicians

In first class we have been learning our tables. We love practising our tables and number patterns using these website games. It's a great way to practise learning tables at home.




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