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Chinese New Year 2018

Yvonne's First Class were learning about the Chinese New Year and the way in which people celebrate it.

Chinese New Year was celebrated on Friday 16th February this year.

We enjoyed making Dragon Masks for the Chinese New Year.

World Maths Day 2018

First Class enjoyed our Maths Trail in the Junior Yard today to celebrate World Maths Day 2018.

We worked with a partner to identify 2D and 3D shapes and count the number of classrooms, benches and shapes around the yard.

Happy International Women's Day

The Ethos Committee talked this week about International Women's Day and they came up with a woman in their lives or someone famous who inspires them. Enjoy this video of the children talking about women who inspire them! 

LETNS Student Council

Student Council Members 2017 – 18


Student Rep

Yvonne’s J.I.

Conor Peavoy

Shauna’s J.I.

Ethan Slaughter Burgess

Maeve’s S.I.

Ella Hayes

Coffee Morning

LETS Thank You

Coffee Morning

To all the co-ordinators, volunteers and families involved in our 20th anniversary celebrations

We would like to invite you to a special coffee morning in your honour to thank you for your time and effort in making our celebration such a wonderful and special occasion for our school



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