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The Toy Shop

Happy New Year! Junior Infants had a wonderful time learning all about toys during the December Aistear theme of 'The Toy Shop'. We learned all about the materials that toys are made from and toys from the past. We even interviewed family members about their favourite toy. During Aistear time we engaged in a variety of activities. We worked in the toy shop, designed and built toys, created our own wrapping paper, designed and constructed a sleigh for Santa as well as creating our own Christmas tree decorations, among other things. Take a look at the fun we had in the photos below.

A visit from Archie and Kwala

We were very lucky to have two special visitors in our class room today. Archie and Kwala are two Service Dogs who have the important job of helping children with Autism. We wrote questions and then asked them. We learned lots about Service Dogs. Our favourite facts are:

  • you can connect a child to the dog and the dog won't let the child do anything unsafe
  • they are trained for two and a half years in Cork
  • they have an excellent sense of smell and hearing


The very best bit was when we petted them!

Thank you so much to Sarah (Ethan's mum) and her friend Louise for bringing them in.

The Bakery

Karen's Junior Infants really enjoyed their first Aistear topic of 'The Bakery'. They engaged in many activities across the weeks, including a role play area, creating bakery items using playdough and re-telling the stories of 'The Gingerbread Man' and 'The Little Red Hen' among others. Take a look at some of the fun in the photos below.

Science Week 2018

Karen's Junior Infants had great fun during Science Week 2018. We had a LEGO Engineering Workshop. During this workshop we learned about physics and we built a spinning top. During the rest of the week we learned about magnetism and floating and sinking. We enjoyed finding magnetic items in our classroom and seeing which items floated and which sank. Take a look at some of the photos below.

Magnetism in Junior Infants

Junior Infants carried out an experiment concerning magnetism as part of our Science Week 2018 activities.

We discussed the meaning of magnetism and the use of magnets.

We identified and sorted magnetic and non-magnetic objects. 

We then explored the classroom and worked together to find 3 magnetic objects!

#scienceweek2018 #believeinscience

Dabbledoo Music in Junior Infants

Junior Infants enjoy participating in our Dabbledoo Music Programme!

We are learning about tempo and dynamics in Junior Infants. 

We really enjoy using our musical instruments to perform and compose in the classroom.

Science Week in LETNS - Robot Competition and Exhibition

Lucan Educate Together NS students participated in a Robot Competition and Exhibition for Science Week 2018.

Each class were invited to design and create their very own robots. Our robots were later displayed in the Library.

Students and parents were invited to visit our Robot Exhibition on Friday 16th November.

Well done to all for your fantastic robot creations!

#scienceweek2018 #believeinscience

LEGO Engineering Workshop - Science Week 2018

Junior Infants participated in a LEGO Engineering Workshop as part of our Science Week 2018 activities.

We really enjoyed working together in pairs to build a spin top, and construct different buildings and models using LEGO.


The Estate Agents - Junior Infants

Yvonne's Junior Infants enjoyed integrated learning through play on the following theme - The Estate Agents.

We completed a variety of different activities during our learning, such as role-play, construction and creative playdough activities, and small world play concerning The Three Little Pigs.

Each day, we completed a different station in our groups.

Show and Tell in Junior Infants

Junior Infants continue to enjoy giving their individual Show and Tell presentations to improve our oral language skills.

We are focusing on speaking clearly at a volume that others can hear and using eye contact as we speak to the class.

We enjoy asking questions about Show and Tell items. Every Friday, a different table present their Show and Tell in Junior Infants.


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